Our Goals

Our Vision

A world free from all forms of avoidable visual loss.

Our Mission

To contribute to the improvement of the well-being and the socioeconomic status of people through sustainable control of major causes of avoidable visual loss in collaboration with partners.


In remote areas, the extreme poverty and lack of resources as well as the absence of a healthcare infrastructure make it difficult to provide eye care. Mobile eye camps are the only way to reach those people who otherwise aren't being served and would go blind. To ensure sustainability, health awareness sessions and trainings are also conducted to further empower doctors and the local community of best practices. A team of doctors and experts arrive to the area with the supplies, surgical tools, microscopes and sometimes even generators. They usually set up in a school or an existing clinic or hospital and aim to help thousands during each camp which lasts approximately 5 days.


Prevention of disease provides a priceless opportunity to raise families, grow communities, and contribute to society. Through the mobile eye clinic program and the Trachoma elimination program, we are able to detect diseases early on and treat patients to prevent visual impairment.


It is very important to train local ophthalmologists who will ensure the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the work in their areas because one ophthalmologist will be able to provide services to many in his own community. By educating primary healthcare workers, teachers and parents, they will be able to identify early signs that could lead to blindness in children. Hence, educating the community as a whole is an important step in the prevention of global blindness.